"As a PT newcomer in general, you can imagine the trepidation I had around pelvic floor physical therapy--GASP! The concept was news to me, and the sensitive nature of it all was very overwhelming.  My gynecologist made some recommendations of a few PT practices around the city and I opted for a location in Brooklyn.  So thankful I did, because I wouldn’t have come into contact with Marianna otherwise.  I walked into our first appointment with cautious optimism but make no mistake – I was a ball of nerves.  Marianna conducted the most calm, informative and comforting consultation I could hope for.  Her knowledge and expertise was evident from the beginning, but it was further aided by her pleasant bedside manner.  Easy to engage with and extremely affable, she is truly a valued expert for people who need pelvic floor therapy." -Stacy

"When I was first referred for pelvic floor therapy, I had no idea that this type of treatment existed. Marianna explained the process with patience and kindness. She ensured that I was comfortable in every session, and was very thorough when answering all of my questions. After years of having my concerns dismissed in my teens and young adulthood, I was finally met with empathy and had a solution to my years of pain. I would recommend her to anyone who has experience with painful penetration." -Nora

"Thank you for your excellent and thoughtful work.  You have helped me to understand the problem and to feel physically better. You have the knack for being both professional and warm. I really appreciate what you did and do!" -Sarah

"I originally was sent to Marianna for my pelvic floor. I recently had my second baby and had many health issues going on and no Doctor seemed to have an answer.  We spoke about my pelvic floor and In addition, I told her all my other issues . This wasn’t her job to deal with but she always helped me as best as she could. Slowly after many visits/ Dr. Visits  we started to understand what may be sparking my symptoms. In the meantime my pelvic floor therapy turned into pelvic floor and lower back therapy (through all the dr appointments and MRIS we realized I had a slipped disc.) She knew someone that was going through something similar as me and they got diagnosed with POTS. Marianna very kindly sent me a cardiologist information and during our next session my pelvic floor therapy which turned into lower back therapy was now POTS Therapy, I was finally diagnosed. She was so happy to accommodate me with whatever I needed. She always asked me how I was feeling and on my bad days modified the exercises so that I was able to do them. Even when I only cared about fixing the POTS, as my symptoms were debilitating, she made sure she incorporated lower back and pelvic floor exercises. Marianna really change my life, physically and mentally. I had very dark days, days I just wanted to get better. she was always there to cheer me on.I finally felt like someone was actually listening to me. Marianna is a great physical therapist and I would recommend her to everyone!"