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In-Person Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Evaluation and Treatment at Empower Physical Therapy of Lincoln, NE

  • 1 Hour One-on-One Hands-on Session

  • In-Person Evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Detailed History Intake, Complete Body Assessment with Thorough Pelvic Floor Evaluation

  • Discussion of Prognosis and Plan of Care

  • Education on Healthy Bladder and Bowel Habits

  • Manual Techniques 

  • Individualized Home Exercise Program

  • Modalities


Video Evaluation with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist 

  • Detailed Discussion of Past Medical and Pelvic Floor Related History

  • Education on Anatomy, Posture, Pain, Breathing and Other Related Education

  • Range Of Motion Analysis

  • Functional Strength Testing

  • Posture and Gait Analysis

  • Functional Mobility Testing

  • Special Testing

  • Discussion of Prognosis and Plan of Care

Exercise Program

  • Individualized Therapeutic Exercises

  • Home Exercise Program

  • Guidance and Observation on proper form and breathing techniques when performing exercises

  • Guided self treatment of tools such as dilators, wands, weights, foam rollers, balls, ice, heat, tape

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